Why combine CBD and coffee?

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I like coffee and I also like CBD. But why should I combine CBD and coffee?

We get this question often and we understand why. Coffee is the elixir that gets you out of bed in the morning and gets your day started. On the other hand, CBD is often taken for a good night's sleep. So people often come to the conclusion that mixing CBD and coffee will cancel out each other's effects. 

Confession Time: It wasn't our first thought either. But our passion for CBD and a lot of research led us here. CBD and Coffee are what we think a golden combination.

Sleep and CBD coffee

Wouldn't the combination of the two just cancel each other out? This is what we often hear. So let's start with how CBD works.

The way CBD works is different from, say, a sleeping pill that knocks you out instantly. CBD works with your body's natural physiology, specifically the endo-cannabinoid system.So if you take it daily over time, there's a cumulative effect that helps with long-term sleep quality, which is why taking it in the morning helps you in the evening. The key is that it enhances natural sleep, rather than just sedating your brain.

So why CBD infused coffee and not dripping CBD oil into your coffee?

This is a common shortcut, but it often comes at the expense of the quality of the coffee. The oily consistency doesn't dissolve in the coffee and you're left with a cup of coffee with a puddle of oil on top and stuck to the sides. 

Also, CBD works best when taken regularly. How often do you forget to take a supplement and how often do you forget to drink your coffee? Wait a minute, forget to drink coffee? Who are you anyway? I'm just kidding, but I think you get us. 

Besides, CBD oil is best absorbed if you let it sit under your tongue for a few minutes. If you drink it with coffee you won't absorb much of the CBD. We use a special CBD isolate to infuse our coffee with, so our CBD coffee has a higher bioavailability. So more CBD actually ends up being absorbed by your body here .

Effects of CBD coffee 

Because it works with your natural cannabinoid system, when you take it during the day, it can increase your alertness and reduce sleepiness, and help you transition to relaxation at night. The CBD has the effect of smoothing out the caffeine hit. So you don't get the spikes and crashes you can get from regular coffee. It also helps take away the jitters and anxiety that many people feel from too much caffeine. It allows us to drink more coffee, which is a welcome discovery.