How to prepare a cup of CBD coffee

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How to prepare a cup of CBD coffee

CBD is a big trend right now because of its many benefits. You might even already take it in the form of oil or a spray. So how do you best prepare a cup of CBD coffee to take full advantage of the benefits?

The first step in making the perfect cup of CBD coffee starts with the coffee beans. To get the freshest cup of coffee, buy whole beans and grind them first thing in the morning. At Gentle Mind, we roast and ship our CBD coffee to you the same week so you can be assured of the freshest cup possible. 

To prepare our CBD Coffee, grind your coffee beans somewhere between coarse and medium. We recommend using a French press, as you won't need a paper filter. Our coffee is infused with CBD after roasting. Because the CBD is added to our beans before they are brewed, there is a chance that some of the oils will end up in a paper filter. Using a metal filter helps ensure that more of the CBD finds its way into your cup.

No French press at home? You can buy a French press from as little as 15 EUR at your local Blokker

Steps for the best CBD coffee

  • - Use 1 generous tablespoon of freshly ground coffee per 1.5 litres of water 
  • - Heat filtered water with a kettle until it almost boils (93 degrees Celsius) 
  • - Put the ground coffee at the bottom of the French press and slowly pour hot water on it up to the plunger
  • Let the coffee brew for 3-4 minutes and then press the plunger
  • - Serve and enjoy a smooth and relaxing cup of CBD coffee!

Got an appetite for CBD coffee now? Check out the product page and order your Gentle Mind bag today!